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The Lumos Winery

Our winery is located in McMinnville, Oregon. We realize this can be a little confusing because the tasting room and estate vineyard are at the family farm in Philomath.

Our operation is a small one relative to other wineries in Oregon at just 2,200 cases per year. Dai does all the winemaking along with Julia Cattrall, his incredibly thoughtful and outstanding assistant. The wines are all carefully crafted with minimal intervention so that the final product clearly reflects the vintage both in terms of weather and terroir. Lumos wines are all vegan using nothing in the production process that can trigger allergens.

Lumos is certified by Food Alliance and Salmon Safe. We sought out these particular certifications to clearly demonstrate our mission to address sustainability in a holistic way - to pay attention not only to how the grapes are grown but to how the wine ends up in the bottle and to act on our concern not only for the environment, but also for the well-being of the people whose hands help determine the quality of the final product.

Lumos shares the McMinnville winery space with Patrick Reuter and Leigh Bartholemew and their company, Dominio IV. The winery is housed in a historic 4000 square foot warehouse alongside the railroad tracks in downtown McMinnville in an area affectionately known as the 'wine ghetto'. The winery tasting room is now open on Saturdays from 12 - 5 PM. You can find us near the corner of 7th Ave. and Alpine in McMinnville next to an old grain silo. Click here for directions.














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